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Our goal is to foster education in topics of public interest and allow individuals to solve shared challenges from within their communities around the world.


We want experts and outstanding professionals to share their knowledge with anybody willing to learn from them.

Our belief is that through education, we can promote freedom and equal opportunities, regardless of geographic location or income level.


We are convinced that societies need as many people as possible involved, working together towards a common goal.



Ricardo A. Suazo Guzmán

Psychologist - Chile

I am thankful for the opportunity to learn these subjects from such qualified professionals, with participants from all Latin America, through relevant topics and a very user friendly platform.

María Laura Fretes

Lawyer - Argentina

Whetu was an amazing find! It gave me the time to learn about meaningful subjects making the world a more interesting place.

Gonzalo Roldán

History Professor - Ecuador


100% Recommended, very fulfilling. It was a great experience to work with classmates from all over Latin America.


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