Paul Reig

Director, Corporate Water Stewardship, World Resources Institute


Paul is responsible for Corporate Water Stewardship and the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas project at the World Resources Institute. Throughout his career, Paul has assisted numerous companies across sectors—including food and beverage, IT, oil & gas, consumer goods, and apparel—with developing water risk assessments, strategies and targets. Paul is also deeply involved in shaping corporate water disclosure standards and ESG water risk ratings as member of the CDP Water Advisory Council, Global Reporting Initiative 303: Water and Effluents Standard Project Working Group, and Calvert Investments Water Advisory Group.

Paul has authored numerous publications, including the Exploring the Case for Context-based Corporate Water Targets, From Doing Better to Doing Enough: Anchoring Corporate Sustainability Targets in Science, Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines, and Global Shale Gas Development: Water Availability & Business Risk, to name a few. Prior to joining WRI, Paul spent four years managing a wide range of watershed restoration projects throughout the US States of Virginia and North Carolina. Paul also spent time in Latin America working on environmental and social impact assessments for global energy and mining companies.

Paul grew up in Barcelona and holds a MS in Water Resources Management from McGill University in Montreal, a BS in Environmental and Agricultural Biology from the University of Navarra, in Pamplona, Spain, as well as a Certificate in Project Management from Georgetown University.